6 reasons why your workout sucked today

Developing muscles and growing big is not just about being at the gym every day while you are there you need to nail every rep and every set but this does not always happen. Sure one off day is normal but if that happens on a regular basis it is time for you to tighten the loose ends.  So without any further time wasting I give to you 6 reasons your day at the gym sucked and what you can do about it.

You lack concentration

Let’s be honest how many of you were busy replying to your what’s app messages or checking out your Facebook notifications or simply could not get your eyes off the hot girl next to you while working out?


Well if you lack concentration you are bound to have a bad day. Get your mind-set right. Keep away the distractions such as your mobile and concentrate on each rep equally to keep the blood flowing and the heart pumping.

Your diet is poor

Are you concentrating too much on proteins and ignoring fats and carbs? Your diet needs a proper balance of all nutrients and vitamins. A shift in balance can leave you feeling tired and exhausted too early into your workout.

On the other hand a good balanced diet will help you perform better.  So get your daily ratios right and keep track of what you consume.




You sleep less

Did you sleep a maximum of 6-8 hours before your gym session today? If not lack of sleep is your problem and a single sleepless night is enough to ruin your upcoming workouts.

If you haven’t slept well my suggestion would be you skip the gym for a day. A bad workout is worse than no workout.



You change nothing

If you are too religiously following your workout routine i.e. doing the same reps, sets and lifting the same weight each day your simply boring your muscles. In other words you’ve entered a rut and that’s why your workouts suck.

To get out of it you need to once again start challenging yourself. So stop being a lazy bum, try new workouts, lift more weights and keep yourself both mentally and physically fit.

You are consuming the wrong supplements

There was a time when the term supplements meant snake oil but nowadays better supplements such as creatine, BCAA etc. can be bought from pretty much every health and food store and it is upto you to make the most of them.protein-shake-624x345

A blend of the right diet and supplements will give you a much needed boost and help you make the most of the time you spend at the gym. You can get in touch with me or your trainer to know what supplements best suit your routine.


The supplement guide for a stronger, fitter you


Whether it is your first day at the gym or 100th supplements are either going to or or already are an integral part of your workout routine. Now I would not recommend you replace your healthy diet by supplements but the combo of the right supplements and diet can help you reach fitness goals faster and efficiently but it is important you know what supplements are right. So here are a few supplements I usually recommend all.


Studies and guides will tell you we need about 20-25% of protein each day. Now for that the best source is your food but that won’t always be enough. You cannot be eating every couple of hours and that’s where supplements are so helpful.

Whey protein is the most commonly used protein supplement. It’s easily available and is digested quickly. Other protein supplements include casein protein, soy protein and egg protein.


Fish Oil

Why fish oil? Fish oil has omega 3 fatty acids, specifically EPA and DHA which makes it so important whether your aim is to lose weight or gain muscles. Fish oil also supports better skin and immunity, a healthy heart and good vision.

Natural sources of omega 3 are eggs, fish, beef etc. Even omega 3 capsules are easily available in food and health stores.





BCAA or as it stands branched chain amino acids are ideal supplements if you want to enhance your training and recover faster and it boosts energy and strength. They are also responsible for better protein synthesis in the body, muscle building and maintaining body mass.

BCAA is available in most high protein foods and is more likely already part of your diet. This is one supplement I sip while working out since it helps me workout better and longer.





The most common supplement is creatine. Ideal for runners as it has proven to better running times and also for weightlifter as it improves overall strength and performance allowing you to lift heavier and workout longer.

Creatine is found in the human body in mostly the muscles and also other parts like the kidney, lover, brain and testes and thus is the ideal supplement for bodybuilding. You will come across many creatine forms but my recommendation would be only creatine monohydrate.glutamine-creatine-old-dogs-can-learn-new-tricks_b



Glutamine is the most common of amino acids found in the human body and is responsible for proper functioning of the immune system and overall fitness of the body. In its supplement state glutamine aids muscle growth, lowers muscle catabolism etc.

Take glutamine post workout as it produces muscle glycogen and glutamine. This in turn fastens recovery and is ideal for people on low carb diet.