Flat Bench Cable Fly-Correct Form,Benefits and Muscles Used

The flat bench cable fly exercise is an isolation, strength building exercise which targets the chest muscles and shoulders. This exercise requires a cable, preferably from the Cable Cross Machine, although you can also perform this exercise with rubber bands. You will also need a flat bench. If possible, choose a bench which can be set at an incline or a decline.

Correct Form of Flat Bench Cable Fly


Here are the steps to perform the flat bench cable fly exercise.

  • Find a flat bench (preferably one whose incline can be adjusted) and place it in between the Cable Cross Machine.
  • Load appropriate weight in the weight rack and attach single grip handles to the cables. Fix the pulleys to the lowest position.
  • Lay down with your back flat on the bench. Your shoulders will be in line with the pulleys.
  • Let someone hand you the handles. Grab the handles with palms facing towards the ceiling. Your arms will be at your sides, with a slight bend at the elbows. This is your starting position.
  • Lift the cables in a semi-circular motion and bring them right above your chest. Your arms will be slightly bent at the elbows. Squeeze at the top.
  • Exhale as you bring the cables together. Your arms will be perpendicular to the floor at this moment. Hold the contraction for a count of 2. Your palms will be facing each other.
  • Slowly bring the dumbbells back to starting position, following the same semi-circular path. This completes one repetition.
  • Repeat for desired number of repetitions.

Alternate Exercise: Flat Bench Dumbbell Fly

Variations In Flat Bench Cable Fly Exercise


There are a few variations which can be included in flat bench cable fly exercise.

1. On an incline bench

You can perform this exercise on an inclined bench too. The technique will be the same. However, this targets the upper part of the pectoral muscles rather than the middle part.

2. On a decline bench

Same technique (remember I told you to get a bench whose incline can be varied??). This variation targets the lower part of the pectoral muscles.

3. Standing Cable Fly

This exercise is also called the cable crossover, and hence will be covered there. It is like bench fly using a cable while standing.

Precautions To Keep During Flat Bench Cable Fly Exercise

Flat-Bench-Cable Flies

Here are a few precautions to keep during the cable fly exercise.

  • This is an isolation exercise, so form matters more over weight moved. Focus more on stretching and contracting than impressing a chick.
  • Keep your elbows fixed during the exercise, rotating only at the shoulders.

Video: Flat Bench Cable Fly

 Video: Incline Bench Cable Fly

Muscles Used In Cable Fly


The following muscles are used in the flat bench cable fly exercise.

1. Pectoral Muscles

2. Anterior Deltoids

3. Triceps Brachii

P.s- Image 1-Individual pics from muscleandstrength (dot) com, image 2-individual pics from bodybuilding (dot) com

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