My top 5 diet Mantras for all beginners


An hour of good intense workout at the gym is only half the battle won the rest of it depends on your daily nutrition. Though healthy eating is easier said than done if you are serious about your training and fitness the right diet and supplements can give your routine a much needed boost. So if you’re a beginner looking for some help here is a must read nutrition guide for you guys.

Add a meal

Let’s say your training really hard at the gym now to add more muscle you will need to add more calories to your diet. My suggestion would be you add a small meal of about 200-300 calories between your lunch and dinner such as fruits, a smoothie etc. The caloric increase helps with muscle repair and enables better growth. Check out smoothie recipes at foodnetwork.

Keep a check

Has the scale not shifted an inch in 2-3 weeks? Do you feel you haven’t gained much with 1 additional meal?  Then it is time you add a second. Don’t simply rely on the scale as gaining muscles and losing fat can also be a reason for a static scale.

Adding calories slowly ensures the gains don’t go straight to your belly. This extra meal is especially helpful for people with a fast metabolism as it makes gaining muscles tough.

Eat regularly

Eating clean 3 times a day is not going to cover up the calories you lose after a workout and this is exactly why most bodybuilders eat 5-6 meals. Yes breakfast, lunch and dinner are still your primary meals but a couple of high protein snacks in between helps greatly.

I personally eat 7 meals in day so I am eating every 2-3 hours. If I skip a meal or I am still hungry I opt for supplements. It is the easiest way to add few calories and where clean foods fail the right supplements make up.

Protein is king

When it comes to bodybuilding protein is king. Wondering why? Proteins contain amino acids which are responsible for the repair work of the muscles but the question is how much protein does one need?

I would suggest you eat as per your weight so if you weigh around 250 pounds and eat 5 times a day you need about 50g of protein in each of your meals.

Replace your pre-workout with a quick espresso shot.


Know your intake

Now that you know how much protein you need in every meal do you know exactly what constitutes 50g of protein? So before you gobble down an entire chicken learn about the nutritional value of each food.

Just to help you get started. 7 big eggs or 6 cups of milk or if your into supplements 3 scoops of protein powder make up 50g of protein.

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